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Your Story is Your Everything

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She posted the update with a single word on a burnt orange background, "HELP!!" It had been four days since her last post, the one where she asked family and friends to share their insights: should she agree to one more surgery? This one, she said, will take most of her tongue, so she'll likely never eat again. And her voice box, she'll never speak again. Love poured in from all corners of the earth. Such a hard decision, they said. We wish you the best, they said. A few months later, she checked in with another update"...I had started isolating myself. I started to question my value, what I am capable of bringing to the table now, my purpose, and feeling tremendous guilt over feeling like I am burdening the people I love, both with worry and financially...just to keep me alive... I am working hard to overcome this and it has gotten better, but I am still a construction zone and I am trying to get back the fighting, “warrior” spirit again..." She'd lost her voice, but kept on writing, sharing, storytelling. And so, we offered her a job. Because that's what stories do. They drive people to do things, to take action. And we wanted our story to be about people like her, creatives willing to create--even when their voices are taken away. Makers who move hearts because of the are not afraid to be raw, open, authentic, broken, beautiful. This is the story of Lark&Co. And we'd love to help you find & share your story, too.


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TWO BOSSES WHO KNOW HOW TO SLAY DRAGONS. Contrary to what you might think when you see 2 sisters managing a business together: we weren't BFF's. Because we didn't grow up together. Our parents both split, dropping our family of 6 little sisters off to live in the attic at Grandma's farm. Needless to say, that made for a pretty rocky childhood. Eventually, the sisters were sent to different homes, and (as you might guess) inevitably drifted apart. But life has a funny way of bringing you back around to remarkable people. Continue Reading ›