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Our Story, cont...

We hadn't really talked in years. Which is a pretty logical conclusion when you didn't share your childhood. When our parents ditched out, we learned to be independent, feisty, street savvy. But we'd missed out on the power of collaboration in the process.

So when happenchance found us chatting biz on the phone one afternoon, we were both surprised to discover we fit together like fork and spoon. Brooke, a 10-year veteran of the food blogging & a beloved food photographer and videographer had built an active group of fantastic foodies. But she needed someone with sharp project management skills, and Megan (having been a friendly but appropriately fierce loan collector & accounts director) could see exactly how to seam together the weak spots, organize our creative crew, and keep up moving forward in big, wonderful ways.

Together, we are Lark&Co. Like yin and yang, our strengths perfectly compliment the other. Between the 2 of us, you get a whole bunch of awesome. One creative, one coordinated. One radical, one realistic. Together, we are the team you need to build your brand

Meet Our Crew

Brooke Lark

Brooke Lark

Brooke Lark, Founder

A two-time published author, former marketing copywriter, professional food photographer, food stylist, and recipe developer, Brooke honed her online insight as a beloved blogger and quickly began managing blogs and online content for clients. One of the most well-networked content creators online, her innate knack for knowing what's clickable makes her more than a content manager--it makes her a viral content ninja.

Megan FulTON

Megan FulTON

Megan Fulton, Founder

With several years of experience in the mortgage industry, Megan brings precision and organization to every bit of content Lark creates. Her intuitive ability to seam together dozens of moving pieces into a single, stunning piece is second to none. 


USIE BONO mnikolov

USIE BONOmnikolov

Susie Bloom, Project Manager

With years of copywriting and blogging experience, Susie has managed content for multiple online channels--covering every topic from food & crafts to parenting & relationships. With a PhD in biology, she brings a  well-honed ability to think deep, do the hard work, and execute fresh and exciting content.